The Team

Leo Loginov-Katz, the music composer and co-author of the play "King Matiusz I" (and a co-founder and the Artistic Director of JMTE™) was born in Russia, where his career in music and theater began, lives and works in USA since 1993. He's credited as director/performer/composer for variety of musical and theatrical works, including Rosetta LeNoir Musical Theatre Academy (AMAS), The New Music Across America Festival, The Actors Studio, Brooklyn Academy of Music, Public Radio International, The Knitting Factory, NYTV, The Ringling Bros. Barnum & Bailey Clown College, and more. For over 20 years he was a Music Director for Paul Newman's The Hole In The Wall Gang Camp. He's also known as Virtuoso Improvisational Pianist, performing solo and in collaboration with many legendary artists from all over the world. You can visit his site here and learn more about his work. 
Mariya Deykute is the co-author of the play "King Matiusz I". Originally from Puschino, Russia, Mariya has lived in different parts of North America for the past 14 years, combining studies in poetry, dance, theater, visual arts, sail boats, traditional and non-traditional forms of spontaneous performance. Her poems and short stories have appeared in Inkspill, Monarch Review, Glasslimb, Other Rooms Press and elsewhere. At the moment she teaches creative writing and memoir writing at UMass Boston, leads kids' workshops in the Cambridge Public School System and performs her poetry mostly around the Boston area. You can visit her site here and learn more about her work. 

Alexander Solodukho is the set/production designer of "King Matiusz I". Alexander is the graduate of the prestigious St. Petersburg State Theater Arts Academy and the Odessa School of Visual Arts. He is a legendary artist highly regarded for having designed stage sets for over 100 theatrical productions both in the United States and abroad.