The Play

"King Matiusz I" is an original musical co-written by Leo Loginov-Katz and Mariya Deykute.
It is based on a beloved children's book "Król Maciuś Pierwszy" (King Matiush the First) by Janusz Korczak, a well-known, well-loved and well-respected Polish educator, doctor, and children's author, who believed in the need to treat children with same respect and seriousness given to adults. 

The musical "King Matiusz I" is the story of a boy who became a king, and after seeing what the adults have done to his kingdom, seeks the help of other children to bring back hope, trust and playfulness to the world. It is a play for adults and children alike -- after all, every single adult was a child once. Contact Us to help bring Matiusz's dream to life yet again!